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The new face of medicine...YOU.

Learn how to navigate the healthcare system to optimize your health. Let's customize together.

Please contact me via email for full list of services and pricing. 

R - Research  


Medical Chart review,  written report with follow up for questions | $350

A 30 minute phone consult is always the first step because you know your body, and your story is relevant to your custom initial evaluation and subsequent medical chart review.

Medical chart review up to 4 hours of review and literature search for up to 15 labs.


For those who have had a longer medical journey we do offer additional services Regarding medical charts with lab counts between 16-60, there will be additional fees, not to exceed $1200. After 60 labs, it will be addressed on an hourly basis.  It is to your advantage to sift through your chart first and remove duplicate lab work/tests.)

Research (REID)
Educate (REID)
E - Educate 


Written report will be created for you ( price included above) and for your doctor’s consideration based on the newest evidence-based medicine and research papers in the literature for your medical condition.


Also included within the write up will be potential areas that may not yet have been considered secondary to the unique way that I research your medical testing and in light of any of your ongoing diagnosis, looking for any possible connections with in your current medical condition. 

The report will also include all prior dx from all doctors including CPT codes written out on the first page for ease of your current doctors use. 


Finally a 30-45 minute follow up for questions that you may have. 

It should be noted that I will only do one medical chart review at a time. 
I am laser focused on YOU.

For other ways to empower yourself with knowledge, feel free to listen to me and other medical professionals on my podcast: MedKnights Roundtable.

I - Implement


With your health care practitioner's approval and guidance, we will work together to help you enact the new direction you will be taking. This can be done in different ways:

Gominak Sleep Right program 

No one can say it better than Dr. Gominak, “See your Doctor once a year, heal your body while you sleep. Up to 15% if children in the USA have sleep apnea and over 90% go undiagnosed. In Adults, many people who suffer from anxiety and depression really have sleep disturbances and apnea. 

With your doctors approval and agreement to  monitor your vitamin D levels for the first year, I will help you regain sleep consolidation, help you understand what dose of Vitamin D you need to get you into the normal range, what dose you need to use  once you are there and if you have a summer daily dose. There needs to be a conversation about custom dosing of  nutrients, especially ones that act like hormones. You have  vitamin D receptor sites in your  teeth, heart, prostate, breast, ovary, uterine lining, head the the pancreas and in the  esophagus,just to name of few places.   So vitamin D in this regard, is acting like a hormone, which means finding your personal dose to get and keep you in the normal range is important.   According to Dr. Gominak's published work, some  people have actually gotten rid of aches and pains including daily headache with her program.   I have studied one on one with neurologist Dr. Stasha Gominak and can help you implement her techniques. Contact me for more details.  


Daily medical coaching

Efficient, consistent implementation of your new direction. This includes daily communication  via text and a minimum of one 30 minute monthly phone consult. 


​​1) Medical daily coaching for initiation and implementation of new recommendations  for your health . These are specific to those patients who utilized the R (Research) tool that was given to your health care provider for their consideration.

2) In some cases, I can also help you implement your healthcare providers plan of care if you do not require the R  / research for your medical condition. 

Learning tools for your child with  educational needs.

Brilliant Learning techniques contact  Suzanne  for more details. 

Implement (REID)
Deliver (REID)
D - Deliver

QRI cold laser and Integration of primitive reflexes with QRI cold laser modality. 


  • Primitive Reflex work

  • brain balance

  • Pain relief including  headache ( 30-60 per body area)

  • PEMF matt 

  • cranial nerves, Kinesiology, and additional add-on protocols

    •  sensory processing, calm, speak, think  and talk. 


What is QRI quantum Reflex integration?


The Quantum Reflex Integration program integrates reflexes using the QRI Harmonic laser and accu-reflex points. Reflexes are the building blocks of development that form in utero and in early infancy. They are essential for the maturation of cognition, movement, and behavior.


An active fear paralysis reflex for example, is often found in children with autism and OCD. This reflex prevents the person from “choosing” their response. They react first and often cannot think logically about their decisions.

Many factors can cause a reflex to be retained, including genetics; stress during pregnancy and delivery (e.g., C-section); environmental toxins; lack of movement; diet; aging; and brain injuries.

The low level laser used with the QRI protocols has remarkable photochemical effects at the cellular level. The laser’s photons penetrate to several levels of tissue, depending on type of laser diode, and can rejuvenate skin, fascia, bone, cartilage,  and nerve tissue. Photons are absorbed by both the mitochondria inside the cell and the cell membrane. Stimulation of mitochondria increases production of ATP, which governs 80 – 90 percent of cellular activity, including replication. Effects also include decreased inflammation of tissue and improved circulation. In the case of nerve tissue, the laser helps to restore the myelin sheath, which increases the speed and efficiency of impulse transmission. 

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