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"We have to be active in our own health"

John P Shine Sr.


I had been working with Mrs. Suzanne Nelson for over 4 years. We had been working together on humanitarian projects together. I was in terrible knee pain. I was to have knee replacement surgery. One week prior to surgery I was to have a routine medical. She suggested a specific Test. I suggested this to my Primary Doctor. He agreed. I was called 1 day later and my doctor cancelled my surgery due to a vitamin D deficiency. If I had the surgery, it would have been a disaster. We went to work to build up my immune system. We took over a year to get my immune system all up to par. We spoke weekly as to my use of vitamins and the process. I was then able to get the knee replaced successfully. Without constant, consistent tutoring and encouragement, it would not have been possible. This is not usual physician treatment that I received. It was guidance to watch out for signs, systems, and homeopathic medicine. I believe now that this is a proper process to follow. We have to be active in our own health. Mrs Nelson is marvelous at analyzing issues and charting a path to follow. As she says, we must be involved in our own path to good health. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn how to be healthy.

"She believes in her clients"

Antonella Larson


I have known Suzanne Hollerbach Nelson for 12 years. She is authentically herself, transparent, direct, honest, and kind. I was very happy to see her launch her business Mar-Mary Wellness after years of using her incredible skills to help others achieve their own wellness. She is laser-focused on who she is serving in the moment and is passionate about goal achievement. No matter how many roadblocks she encounters, she always finds a way.


Her trust in positive outcomes is contagious! She believes in her clients and in their ability to heal themselves by teaching them how to do it. Suzanne empowers her clients to define their own medical reality and teaches how to navigate areas otherwise overwhelming and or intimidating. She is incredible with her skills: to work with and pull in the right people to help her achieve her goals.


I was one of them. Five years ago, she pulled me in to help her aid children with special needs in Lebanon. Not only was it exciting to work on the project, but her enthusiasm and trust that God will provide was incredible to witness as it unfolded. The fundraiser super exceeded our expectations by 760%!! The excess money helped her put her best skills into service overseas: Research, Education, Implementation, and Delivery of Treatment. She created the first ever TEAM Lebanon/USA, allowing for additional training here in the US for those who Suzanne has helped, so that they can serve others better. This mindset helped change a young child’s life, which is now a study case currently being written up for publication.


Suzanne is very gifted, and her skills have helped my family and myself with our own wellness journey. I hope you will all get to know her and what a wonderful woman of faith and courage she is.

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